About Me

I am Pepe,

so called by my friends, which by time became my artistic nickname. My painting style has been influenced by genuine nature, free human spirit, friendship and other essences of life. I took as much as I can from the real world and real people instead of academic art theories and practiced painting with passionate individual tutors on my way.


My favorite techniques are soft pastel, acrylic and watercolors, all of them giving me freedom in light tones and clarity. I gained painting skills in several art schools in Lithuania and Spain, and keep refining them constantly.


Colors have been big part of my personality, though they have been changing tones during my life time too. For me an object and, especially a person, is not single colored but a combination of many colors, which I try to reveal in my drawings.


Currently I work in my cozy studio surrounded by natural beauty in a remote homestead in Western Lithuania. After living in several European countries, intensive travelling and working in project management, I feel like P. Coelho’s Alchemist who has returned home and found his treasure. Mine is painting.

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