About Me

I am Pepe,

so called for my vivid colors, red hair and sun kisses on my cheeks. I specialize in drawing portraits and my favorite technique is soft pastel.

I discovered this passion when I was a teenager, willing to make presents with “personal touch” for my friends. This worked out to be my permanent interest for already 15 years, which brought lots of joy to me and my models. This feels just great!

I come from a Lithuanian village, surrounded by flowery fields, green forests, and covered in smell of fresh honey and newly harvested wheat, where modest but hardworking farmers taught me essences of life. Their Samogitian faces were the first ones I observed with genuine interest and painted their portraits with my wide-open eyes.

Later on, while attending several art schools in Lithuania and Spain, participating in artistic groups and painting camps, my fingers painted portraits of people because I found them naturally beautiful and interesting. I discovered that drawing reveals in me lots of light and people get lots of joy in just one colorful sheet of paper!

Colors have been big part of my personality, though they are changing tones during my life time, too. For me an object and, especially a person, is not single colored, but a combination of every color that reflects an individual richness and beauty. My favorite techniques are soft pastel, acrylic and watercolors, all of them giving me freedom in light tones and clarity.

Currently I work in my studio surrounded by natural beauty in remote homestead in Western Lithuania. After living in seven European countries, intensive travelling and working in project management for last 10 years, I feel like P. Coelho’s Alchemist who returned home and found his treasure. So, nowadays I just enjoy drawing, observing our funky sheep, cozy little garden, colorful flowers and natural wonders around.

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