Hello and welcome to my colorful world!


I am Pepe, so called for my vivid colors, red hair and sun kisses on my cheeks. I specialize in drawing portraits and my favorite technique is soft pastel.

I discovered this passion when I was a teenager, willing to make presents with “personal touch” for my friends. This worked out to be my permanent interest for already 15 years, which brought lots of joy to me and my models. This feels just great!




‘It was the first time I had seen her draw, and when I saw the result, I was surprised at how vivid the portrait looked and the personality it had. It was one of the most beautiful gifts ever made to me.’

Bruno (Spain)

‘Pepe’s work, like her world, is full of the brightest and most transparent colors of life. We are glad that original portraits painted by Pepe create coziness in our home.’

Vaiva (Lithuania)

‘She sees the extraordinary in the familiar. Through her art, she helps everyone around to see it too! Friendly, professional, and very talented. Pepe is a joy to work with!’

Graham (Canada)

‘Pepe floods empty canvas with bright colors and love. She is able to show in a very personal way how her intensity meets the soul of what she draws. The result is a mixture of innocence and hard work.’

Patricia (Spain)

‘I was so lucky to be painted by you. You are extremely skilled and exert your art with warmth and love.’

Roney (Norway)

‘Thanks to Pepe for the wonderful tree which brings life and color in my son‘s room! A great artist who creatively and attentively fulfilled my wish.’

Sandra (Lithuania)

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If you like my style and would like to commission a portrait, you are more than welcome to fill this contact form.

My creations might become unique present for your beloved ones or cozy detail for your home or office!