Art studies

Finally, I am getting into details of drawing and painting at two art schools! Municipal School of Art and Crafts (Spain) and Nida Art School (Lithuania) are located in one of the oldest and cosiest buildings with the nicest teachers!


I am interested in projects that have cultural, environmental, social, and nature perspective. For already twelve years my personal project has been to portrait people that I met on my way and all of them left a significant footprint for me. My recent work is to portrait elderly people of my village at their living surroundings.

Artistic groups

For four years I was an active participant in artists’ group ‘Gyvas piesimas’, its drawing evenings, events and summer camps, where together with other artists I drew people that came to the events to pose and received their portraits as a gift. Also, I was helping to organise drawing trips to an orphans’ house in my village Lapiai.

‘Nature art house’

In 2015 I initiated a project ‘Nature Art House’ in a protected area in Lithuania, called Smiltyne. In the art house I ran drawing workshops for children and paintings sessions for adults, invited two more artists to have their workshops, and helped to organise a painting camp for artists´ group ‘ArtMix’. With support of Curronian Spit National Park the house was open during the whole summer for public interest.

Art studio

My future project is to establish an art studio for children and adults in natural surroundings.