Winner in a contest

A special prize winner in a contest “Ritin kalne smiltate 2017”! The contest was dedicated to gliders school which operated in Nida during 1923-1939. All gliders that did not land successfully were called “cucumbers”…

Flowering garden

I take my pallet and in few hours there are more flowers, more mushrooms, more worms in the garden, revealing in any colour I wish to see in the garden. Live models are surrounding me and the inspiration smells as paints, the breeze of the bay, blooming beans, songs of robin, and I feel this is the best painting studio! Any empty walls around willing to bloom and relish too?

Time for open air studio!

And finally, it is time to get off warm jackets and woollen socks and open my summer art studio outdoors! Here we are observing bright rainbows, burning sunsets, lazy cats, flying birds, blooming roses, fresh yellow lemons, sailing ships in the bay, moving clouds, green mountains – everything in one spot for creative artwork all day long. But there is one consideration to take into account – the siesta time!..

Practising patience

So here we are, in front of an easel, surrounded by many other easels, hearing soft pastels touching the paper, and many soft pastels scattered around. A feeling of giggles and something bright dancing inside. When finishing the work, these colourful particles are everywhere, on my clothes, my hair, my tea, my cheeks, my nose, my fingernails, my palms, as if this is a part of interconnecting ritual with a model. The best thing of this practice is learning patience. No speed, no expressive strokes, no bright colours or intensive tones. All has to become unified. Not an easy task for a vibrant personality 🙂

Some enlightenment

I have been waiting for a long time this to happen and finally I am here: Municipal School of Arts and Crafts (Escuela Municipal de Artes y Oficios) for adults! Yuppyyy!

There is no a single thing in a day that draws such a big smile on my face except when I open the doors of the studio and put on my apron and can immerse for some hours in the smell of paints, the sound of drawing on the paper and the image of a model which is being transformed from its static presence and begin to have lines, tones, volume on a white paper, begin to vibrate with its energy, begin to have its exisitence story. And the best of all it is knowing that after these some hours there will be another encounter with this colorful world soon…

So now I put my hands on practice and waiting to spread my colors outdoors when the sun comes back to this cloudy Galician coast!



I took water colors whilst wondering in the mountains, and the mountains walked away with me. My eyes caught faces, and my fingers fell into soft pastels spreading happiness, love, passion, freedom, sadness, and anger over the paper.  The smell of paint in art studio brought me back where I felt I came from. From colorful energy.