Flowery fields, green forests and modest but hardworking peasants in Lithuania partly moulded my personality. I stepped outside them and discovered mountains, oceans, people, diversity and freedom around the world. This opened to me many new doors and windows and encouraged to follow my heart. Meanwhile I practiced drawing in art studios in Lithuania, Hungary and Spain, took individual painting lessons, participated in artists’ groups and was drawing people on my way.


I spent more than ten years working in environmental field with scientists and activists in several countries, I obtained three degrees at five European universities but my true passion has always been driven by the colour of the clouds, the light breeze of the sea, vivid and deep people glances, human creativity, and observation of nature forces. Means of expression and seeing through my own colors’ spectrum has been my interest since I was a teenager. When I first entered an art studio I was stroked by the smell of paints, artistic diversity, and that everything felt familiar to me.

Techniques and interests

I intuitively tend to use full pallet of vivid colours in my art work. For me an object and, especially a person, is not a single coloured, but a combination of every colour that reflect her individual richness and beauty. My favorite working techniques are soft pastel, acrylic and water colors. I mostly enjoy drawing portraits, landscapes, abstract paintings and murals. I am also interested in photography, land and environmental art.


My art works have spread over 30 countries in all inhabited continents, bringing lots of colors and joy to their owners. Ten years of experience in environmental education working with children groups taught me to hold a great workshop, where children enjoy, interact and discover themselves, art and nature. Such activities I continued to organise for children and adults in a self-initiated project ‘Nature art house’ 2015 in Smiltyne, a beautiful nature corner next to the Baltic sea in Lithuania. Also, for several years I participated in artists’ groups, drawing evenings and painting camps.


I would like to thank my art class teacher G. Naslenas, art studio ‘Guboja’ and its professor R. Donbrauskaite, artists I. Lescinskaite and (r.i.p.) A. Ilginis for showing me drawing techniques and richness of color pallet. I feel especially grateful to my sister Sandra, my partner Chechu, my parents and friends for their encouragement, critique and support. Also, many thanks to the people who I was honored to draw, and their kind permission to publish the drawings here.